5 best places in Budapest!

Chain Bridge
One of Budapest’s most iconic landmarks, the Széchenyi Chain Bridge was the first permanent stone bridge that spanned the Danube and connected Buda and Pest. The suspension bridge was designed by the English engineer William Clark who also designed the Marlow suspension bridge across the Thames in England. It was opened in 1849 and is the oldest permanent bridge on the Danube River. The Chain Bridge was almost completely destroyed in WWII and only its pillars remained standing. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1949. Take a leisurely stroll across the bridge and you will enjoy a magnificent view over the shimmering river and city. The bridge is also worth a look after sunset when it’s illuminated in all its splendour.

The Parliament
One of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings, the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest is quite a popular tourist destination in the city. Sitting pretty on the bank of the Danube, the imposing building is fittingly the largest in Hungary. The huge dome atop the building is a reference to Renaissance-era architecture. There are 10 central courtyards, numerous rooms and halls, and intricately decorated spires. The façade is adorned with 88 statues of Hungarian rulers, several gargoyles and arches. The inside is also richly adorned with paintings, frescoes and gilded ornaments. The Holy Crown of Hungary (coronation crown) and royal insignia are on display in the Copula Hall, which also features an elaborate ceiling.

Buda Castle
The castle is part of what is known as the Castle District, which has several medieval and Baroque houses, churches and other buildings.

Fisherman’s Bastion
On the Buda side of the Danube is an impressive neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque terrace called Halászbástya or Fisherman’s Bastion. It was designed and built in the late 19th century . There are many walking paths, stairways, turrets and parapets. You can get sweeping views of Budapest from this vantage point. Entrance is free to the terraces but there is a fee if you want to visit the top turrets.




Gellért Hill
The Gellért Hill Cave is part of the network of caves within the hill and is used as a chapel. There is also a monastery carved into the rock.